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Line and Leader


Braid is becoming the most popular line, due to it's sensitivity when a fish bites,although knots tend to slip more and it can cause cuts if not handled properly. Mono still has it's uses especially in trolling and other applications where some stretch is needed.



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Jigs are the most popular saltwater inshore lures. There are many types. Diamond jigs, tube jis, and the fancier Japanese jigs made by Shimano. Inshore fishermen also use a great number of plugs, especially surf fishermen



Ice Fishing

Ice fishing supplies and articles with tips on ice fishing. New products, shelters, tackle bags, lures and augers

Misc Fishing items

This includes outdoors clothing, coolers, fishing toos and terminal tackle


Dangerous situations occur wherever water and electricity meet, especially when mismatched electrical systems are involved. Superior quality products can help prevent disaster. Known for its consistent attention to detail

Weego Jump Starter

Starts your engine, charges your phone & fits in your pocket – Weego, an innovator in portable battery solutions, announced the launch of its Weego Jump Starter Battery+ for the marine market.


The best parties and gatherings always have a fun atmosphere. That usually includes great music that fills the entire room. Instead of wiring speakers and connecting systems, Conntek offers a brand-new Bluetooth Speaker Bulb.

Hubbell 50 amp Cord

A boat's electrical connections are vital to safety aboard. Owners can rest assured knowing they can count on Hubbell Marine's reliable 50 amp cordsets. The company also offers cords with Power-On and Incorrect Wiring LED lights to indicate the unit's status, so users will never again have to question if their products are functioning correctly

Bluefin LED Lights

Bluefin LED, UK-based manufacturer of underwater lighting, has launched an innovative range of color-changing underwater lights that provide breathtaking nighttime illumination – with the flick of a switch.

Custom Jigs & Spins’ Hammered Slender Spoon

Minnows do not have it made-in-the-shade. Their scale-covered skin does just what Mother Nature intended it to do – shimmer and glimmer with every twitch they make.

Booyah Bank Roll Jig

The new Bank Roll Jig from BOOYAH Bait Co. was created with the help of some of this country’s best jig fishermen. This new stand-up jig features a flattop and top-heavy design that keeps it upright on bottom – effectively standing on its head.


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